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Hatz 1B20-6 Engines off to Cornwall!

Here we have 7x Hatz 1B20-6 Engines, ready for shipment to our Groundworks customer in Liskeard, Cornwall. The Engines are variable speed delivering 3.1kW @ 3000rpm, and are replacements to be fitted into Bomag BPR35/42 F/r Plate Compactors. They have recoil pull starts with chamfered crankshafts where the clutch hub fits. The engines were built to order on a 6 week lead time from the Hatz factory in Germany, not a bad lead time in [...]

Yamaha 40VEOL Outboard Engine for Urgent Lifeboat Requirement!

We don’t just do industrial and inboard engines! Here we have a Yamaha 40VEOL outboard engine for a lifeboat. Our customer is a ship management company based in Hong Kong, to whom we supply various engine, lifeboat and ship products and spare parts. They had an urgent breakdown requirement for a Yamaha outboard engine for a lifeboat - the ship couldn’t sail without it. With the ship docked in Poland, we scoured the market to [...]

Kohler KDI 2504 TM Ready for shipment

Another Kohler engine ready for shipment! This particular model is the Kohler KDI 2504 TM, generating 36.4kW at 2600rpm. This was to repower a generator for a generator hire and event power company, not far from us down in Cornwall, United Kingdom. We have various Kohler engines, Long Blocks and Short Blocks in stock, so please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements. 🇬🇧🤝 🇮🇹 

Kubota V2403-M-T-EU4 from UK Stock

Here we have a Kubota V2403-M-T-EU4 engine, delivering 44kW at 2700rpm. This particular engine was for the re-power of a forklift truck in Aberdeen, Scotland. The customer required the engine urgently, and although we did not have immediate stock available, we were able to source the engine from one of our many partners in the UK to ensure the customer had the engine at their works within a week. Please do not hesitate to contact [...]

Lister 38/4 in Aldershot, UK

We always enjoy receiving historic photos from our customers. Here is a Lister 38/4, an early version of the JP4, which were produced from 1931 to 1952. This particular engine is coupled to an alternator for electric power generation. The generator was found at a new housing development on old army land at Aldershot, United Kingdom. There are a number of buildings on the site dating back to the early 1900s, and in one of [...]

Lister JK4 – 61 years old and still running!

Nice to receive this photo from a customer of a very clean installation of a Lister JK4! The JK4 was produced in the UK from 1959 to 1970, with this particular example installed in Denmark, produced in 1962 - and it is still running! The customer required a fuel and oil filter for this engine - we had them in stock and dispatched them the same day 😎 🇬🇧 🇩🇰 🤝 Contact us today to [...]

Lister Petter TR Powered LHV ‘Village Gensets’

Here we have a shipment of Lister Petter TR powered LHV ‘Village Gensets’. These gensets are designed to be as simple as possible, and as such, require minimal maintenance. Powered by the legendary Lister Petter TR air-cooled engine, it features an engine mounted fuel tank, Mecc Alte alternator, simple skid base - but no control panel. A simple ‘on or off’ configuration. Available in hand and electric start, these sets have been popular in remote [...]

Alamarin 230 Hydraulic Jet

Here is one of the more interesting shipments this week - an Alamarin 230 Hydraulic Jet for a vessel. We sourced the item from a longstanding and trusted supplier in the UK, and consolidated it with a number of other items for a Ship Management Company, destined for Florida in the USA. Sleeman & Hawken can source all types of equipment and has a long history of working with a large network of suppliers to [...]

Kubota D1105 Engines from UK Stock

Like many engine manufacturers, Kubota’s lead times for new engines out of Japan has become extremely long, with deliveries of up to 9 months being quoted. So when a UK customer enquired for three Kubota D1105 engines, we searched our extensive range of contacts and managed to locate stock available for immediate delivery. Within a week, they had their engines! Job done. ✅ Apologies for the poor photos, they were packed up and ready to [...]

Another Reconditioned Lister Petter LT1!

Here we have another fully reconditioned Lister Petter LT1! This particular engine was originally produced in 1992 and features a silencer and engine-mounted fuel tank. We can offer spare parts only or the complete recondition, either using your old unit or a doner unit from the used engine market. Contact us today to see if we can assist you with your diesel engine reconditioning!

Lister Petter launch EU Stage V Engine

It has certainly been a long time coming but it's finally here! Lister Petter has entered the market with a compliant EU Stage V engine. After lots of speculation over the years about Lister Petter entering back into the European and UK markets, they have finally released the new 'Mercury Max' diesel engine that is approved to EU Stage V. Due to our uniquely close relationship, Sleeman & Hawken have been in constant dialogue with [...]

Reconditioned Lister ST3 – Before and After!

Here we have a fully reconditioned Lister ST3, before and after! This beast of an old Lister produces 35.1bhp at 3000r/min, with the ST3 being built in Swindon from 1972 to 1983. This particular engine was produced in 1981. We can offer spare parts only or the complete recondition, either using your old unit or a doner unit from the used engine market. Contact us today to see if we can assist you with your [...]

Lister Petter Starlite Series Engines Launched

Lister Petter’s new Starlite Series of engines has officially launched! Based on a 4-cylinder engine design, models are available from 16kW to 83kW at 1500r/min (50Hz) and 1800r/min (60Hz). They have electronic fuel control and are rated Stage II emissions. They are designed to be compact with low fuel consumption, low noise level and low vibration with an economic price point. Please contact us for a more detailed model comparison, information, and pricing.  

Reconditioned Lister Petter LT1

Here we have a fully reconditioned Lister Petter LT1, looking very smart if we may say so ourselves! The LT1 was produced from 1974 to 2010, with this particular engine having left the factory in 1989. The LT1 was a popular engine for cement mixers, with many still in operation today. We can offer spare parts only or the complete recondition, either using your old unit or a doner unit from the used engine market. [...]

Sabb L3 and L4 Engines

This week we received two engines from Sabb in Norway - the L3 and L4 model. The L3 and L4 are based on the Lister Petter LPW3 and LPW4 engines that we build at our production site at Hardwicke, Gloucestershire, under license from Lister Petter. They are then shipped to Frydenbo in Norway where they are then marinised and adapted for lifeboat application. The L3 is destined for a customer in Indonesia, whilst the L4 [...]

Reconditioned Lister Petter TX3

Here we have a fully reconditioned Lister Petter TX3, looking as good as the day she originally left the factory, if not better! The TX3 was produced from 1987 to 2000, with this particular engine having left the factory in 1988. We can offer spare parts or the complete recondition, either using your old unit or a doner unit from the used engine market. Contact us today to see if we can assist you with [...]

Nigeria Bound

Nigeria bound! It was nice to see our name in the local Teignmouth Post newspaper over the weekend! Sleeman & Hawken was mentioned in their ‘50 Years Ago’ section, so the story related to 1972! It detailed how a Teignmouth boatman was delivering two trawlers to Lagos, Nigeria, to be used as shrimp trawlers off the African coast. The trawlers were built on the Humber and were fitted out with special equipment in Teignmouth by […]

We take care of our customer’s shipments

We take care of our customer’s shipments At Sleeman & Hawken, we take the greatest care with every shipment we process. Graham Pattison, our Dispatch Manager, has been with us for over 20 years and personally signs off every shipment that leaves our site. Packaged with care to ensure the goods have the best chance of being delivered undamaged, we use a combination of UPS, DHL, FedEx/TNT and a number of freight forwarders to achieve [...]

Perkins and FG Wilson spare parts!

Perkins and FG Wilson spare parts! After Lister Petter, the highest volume of parts we distribute is Perkins and FG Wilson. We have strong relationships with both manufacturers and their network of distributors to achieve the best pricing and lead times and to source difficult-to-obtain or out-of-production parts. Here is a substantial shipment for a UK customer of ours, although the bulk of our Perkins and FG Wilson business is exported overseas. Contact us today [...]

Lister Petter Deal

Lister Petter Deal On 27 January 2022 a deal was completed between Sleeman & Hawken Limited (“SHL”) and Lister Petter Co., Limited (“LPCL”) for the sale of the entire issued share capital of Lister Petter IPR Holdings Limited (“LPIPR”). LPIPR was incorporated by Keith, Sean & Ryan Mason, through SHL, to hold and license the Lister Petter trademarks they acquired from the previous owner in October 2017. The Masons have worked tirelessly since then to [...]

We can consolidate different brands into a single shipment!

At Sleeman & Hawken, we represent various engine manufacturers and specialise in genuine spare parts. This allows us to consolidate various spare parts from different brands in a single shipment. We have numerous overseas customers that take advantage of this, with single shipments regularly containing parts for various brands of equipment. This provides extensive savings on shipping costs for our customers, who can receive and import just a single shipment rather than multiple shipments from [...]

Lister Petter LPA2

Here is a little gem from the past. 😊 This is an air-cooled Lister Petter LPA2 diesel engine. No longer manufactured, and originally produced in 2002, this unit has been fully reconditioned for our customer BT (British Telecom) in the UK. Sleeman & Hawken can offer fully reconditioned engines, either using your old engine in exchange or as an outright purchase from non-production engines sourced from the used market. Please contact us with your enquiry [...]

80kVA Perkins powered Generator

Did you know that Sleeman & Hawken has its own brand of UK-made generators? Here we have an 80kVA SHP80 generator powered by a Perkins 1104A-44TG2 Diesel Engine, coupled to a Stamford UCI224G Alternator. Fully assembled in the UK, this unit will be delivered with a separate ATS and is destined for an overseas Government Department. For more information, browse our website or contact us to discuss your requirements.   https://www.sleeman-hawken.com/shp-30-100-generator/

Large Filter Order for Welling & Crossley

Today at Sleeman & Hawken was a busy day preparing a large filter order for one of our largest distributors, Welling & Crossley in Australia. Welling & Crossley has an engine order with our sister company Lister Petter Power Systems and they always make the most of the available space in their container - especially important considering the current rise in shipping costs. With every container of engines, there is always space to fit in [...]

Lister Alternator

Here we have a lovely old Lister alternator, produced between 1935 and 1945. This would normally have been coupled to an engine but in this instance is connected to a water turbine! Making use of the fast flowing water outside this customer’s summer holiday home in Iceland! He advised us the turbine was made in 1933. He requested replacement brushes for the alternator, and you guessed it, we had them in stock! Dispatched the same [...]

Working together to build Sabb L3 Lifeboat Engine

The LPW3 engine was built in the UK by our sister company Lister Petter Power Systems and shipped to our Norway distributor and Lifeboat Engine OEM Frydenbo Industri A/S in Norway. They marinise the engine, fit a ZF Hurth Gearbox and make it suitable for a lifeboat application (SOLAS approved). The ultimate destination for the engine is a shipping company based in Italy.

Enquiry from Canada

We recently received an enquiry from Canada for a glow plug for a Sabb single cylinder 10HP model G engine. Good News! We had the part in stock and dispatched it the same day. The gentleman’s boat is now running smoothly again - and what a lovely boat it is!   

Genuine Spare Parts Worldwide

A gentleman from Nova Scotia, Canada recently got in touch with us looking for some help with his old Lister SR3, running a 15 kva gen head. He was after some information on how the wiring of the junction box. A member of our team got in touch with him straight away and between us we managed to help him out. Luckily we have a number of experts here at Sleeman & Hawken who know [...]

Supplying Parts – Old and New

We received a request from South Africa for parts for a Lister model VA from the late 1950’s/early 1960’s. The customer needed pistons and rings - like many core parts, we had them in stock and they were dispatched the same day.

Yanmar Marine Engine Arrives

Nice to see this handsome beast on site this week. This engine has been ordered by one of our customers looking for a quality marine diesel engine. A Yanmar 4LHA-STP 240mhp marine engine, to be fitted to a lifeboat on a cruise liner.