50-years-experience Lister Petter Distribution

For many years now, Lister Petter has been at the heart of what we do at Sleeman & Hawken. Our distribution agreement was signed over 50 years ago with Lister Petter and today, we are still the official supplier of Lister Petter parts to the network of worldwide distributors, agents and retailers. We have decades of experience in supplying both diesel engines and spare parts that we are certain we can help, no matter what your requirements are.

For over 150 years, Lister Petter has been building diesel engines and machines for the industrial sector. The company was initially started by Robert Ashton Lister in 1867 and was known as  R.A Lister. In 1893 the other half of the famous ‘Lister Petter’ was founded. James B Petter & sons started up their engine business. Both companies become market leaders in their own right.

For decades to come, they continued to produce a large range of engines with both companies having great success in their sectors and listers engineering advancements progressing fast. In 1957 Hawker Siddeley acquired Petter and Sons and continued their success. 8 years later in 1965, Hawker Siddeley also acquired R A Lister. It wasn’t until 1986 that the 2 companies were merged to form, what is now known worldwide as ‘Lister Petter’.

In 2017, Keith Mason and his sons saw an opportunity and purchased Lister Petter from its then struggling owners. This was a big acquisition for Sleeman & Hawken and brought with it new challenges but also ensured the famous brand continued producing its world-famous engines.

In 2022, it was decided that the brand should be passed on. With investors keen to take Lister Petter back to its worldwide status and introduce new products, the family decided that Sleeman & Hawken would release the brand and allow the new owners to rebuild bigger and better. Within 1 year, the new owners have introduced a new fantastic range of Diesel engines while Sleeman & Hawken continue offering their fantastic support for spare parts and high quality service.

Lister Petter Engine Range

Lister Petter TR3 Engine

TR Series Engines - TR1, TR2, TR3

TR Industrial Engines are specifically designed to be compact power unit suitable for use in unregulated emissions territories. It is durable, reliable and easy to maintain with oil and filter changes up to 250 hours, depending on operational conditions. It is designed for operation in ambient temperatures up to 40°C (104°F). The mechanism for air cooled diesel engine is by using the fan to channel the air through the radiator blade of the engine for cooling effect and it is even more efficient and effective than using water as the cooling agent. It only needs a small amount of air in order to facilitate the engine in reaching the operating temperature. Air cooled engine does not have the usual problem of malfunction in coolant leakage and can be operated unmanned for long hours.

Alpha Series Engines - LPW(X)2/3/4/T4

The LPW Series Engines are water cooled and available in a range of specifications to suit generator, pump and industrial applications for use in unregulated emissions territories. They are durable, hard wearing, reliable and easy to maintain with oil and filter changes up to 500 hours, dependent
on operational conditions. It is designed for continuous operation in ambient temperatures up to
52°C (122°F) and a cold start capability down to -32°C (-25°F)

Lister Petter Alpha LPW engine
Lister Petter Starlite Series Engines

Starlite Series Engines
SA423, SA427, SA430, SA432, SA435, SA4

The innovative technology and its application is widely used in material handling equipment and agricultural products in which the reliability is highly appreciated. The 13-72kW rated power is being recognized and is commonly used in gensets that exported to our OEM and global working partners.

Mercury Series Engines - LP316,LP422,LP428

The engine technology is directly from Japan and the rated power of 14kW-52kW is equipped with strong operating power, low fuel consumption and vibration in addition to low noise level. With its ease in maintenance the engine is surely the ideal choice for operating power for generators.

Lister Petter Mercury Series Engines
Lister Petter Mercury Max Engine Series

Mercury Max Series Engines - LP311EG

Primarily from Japanese technology and is greatly used in machinery equipment. The components are with good quality and the whole set is highly reliable using Bosch high pressure common rail with Euro V emission standard.

Mercury Max Series Engine - LP428EG

LP428EG series engine is introduced through the Italian type configuration with overall fuel consumption lower than the compatible products which greatly reduce the operating cost.

Lister Petter Mercury Max - LP428EG
Lister Petter Venus Max Series Engine LP443-LP665

Venus Max Series Engines - LP443, LP665

The newest LP443 and LP665 model series is a jointly developed engine with UK Ricardo PLC and is compatible to QSB series

Venus Max Series Engine - LP689

LP689 series is a joint development with Southwest Research Institute of USA and is considered one of the world leading technological development and is the star product for Lister Petter.

Lister Petter Venus Max Series Engine LP689
Lister Petter Venus Max Series Engines- LP612, LP613

Venus Max Series Engines - LP612, LP613

The LP612 and LP613 model series is a joint development with AVL of Austria which is the Noise Level dB(A) 105
international integrated technology used by BENZ DD13

Mars Max Series Engine - LP625

The LP625 series is a joint developed engine with AVL in Austria with international highly praised technology. Optimization by using double turbo charge system with single air filter construction which can lower the height to only 1659m, maintenance is easier. With Liebherr common rail pump system which enhances the exhaust emissions

Lister Petter Mars Max Series Engine - LP625