Lister Petter Deal

Sleeman & Hawken - Ryan, Keith, Sean

Lister Petter Deal

On 27 January 2022 a deal was completed between Sleeman & Hawken Limited (“SHL”) and Lister Petter Co., Limited (“LPCL”) for the sale of the entire issued share capital of Lister Petter IPR Holdings Limited (“LPIPR”).

LPIPR was incorporated by Keith, Sean & Ryan Mason, through SHL, to hold and license the Lister Petter trademarks they acquired from the previous owner in October 2017. The Masons have worked tirelessly since then to uphold and promote this famous brand and its global and historic reputation, which dates back over 150 years.  This has been a rewarding but challenging process, not made easier by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Considering all circumstances, it is the consensus of both parties that the future of the Lister Petter brand is best served in the hands of the new owner, LPCL, which has the resources, capability and expertise to further develop a wider range of products for the Lister Petter brand.

Under the amicable arrangements between the parties, SHL will continue to produce the LPW (Alpha) and TR Series engines at the same facility at Hardwicke in Gloucestershire UK, and will support these models and all heritage Lister Petter models with genuine spare parts as it does today. All existing and new business for Lister Petter products will be unaffected and welcomed, whilst any existing product warranty will continue to be honoured by SHL.

SHL and LPCL wish to take this opportunity to express its sincerest gratitude for the trust in the Lister Petter brand over the years. The parties will continue to cooperate closely in the future to further develop the brand and its products, and continued support in this regard is highly appreciated.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us through the website.