The Parliamentary Review

The Parliamentary Review recently asked one of our directors, Ryan Mason, to comment on the current situation. See a snippet from the exclusive interview below.

“Covid-19 is affecting us in various ways, as of course it affects the whole country.

We have two strands to our business. The first is Lister Petter — an engine manufacturing business that assembles small diesel engines up to 50 horsepower. This employs 22 staff.

We then have a separate distribution business that sells the associated spare parts of the engines we assemble, and the spare parts of other engine manufacturers as well. This employs 12 staff — Sleeman & Hawken.

In the first instance, we have suffered some delays from our supply chain. Our high value and high volume suppliers are based in China, where the pandemic started. This seems to have been worked through now, but there are still delays, and we are still behind with our stock….”