Kohler KD15-350S
Part No: KD15-350S


Fuel Type: Diesel
HP: 6.7
Shaft: Horizontal
Cylinders: 1
Cooling: Air
Emissions: China Phase II

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Four-stroke, aluminium cylinder head, the automatic extra fuel starting system

Model: KD15-350S
Power: 5.0(6.7) kw (hp)
Displacement: 349 (21.3) cm3 (in3)
Bore: 82 (3.2) mm (in)
Stroke: 66 (2.6) mm (in)
Gross Torque: 14.7 (10.8) Nm (lb-ft)
Compression Ratio: 20.3:1
Dry Weight: 33 (72.8) kg (lbs)
Oil Capacity: 1.2 (1.3) L (US qt)
Lubrication: Full pressure w/full-flow filter
Dimensions: 368 x 310 x 445 (15.2 x 12.2 x 17.5) L x W x H mm (in)
Emissions Compliance: China Phase II

Standard Equipment

  • Recoil starting with automatic compression release
  • Fuel tank
  • Fuel filter
  • Dry air cleaner
  • Muffler with guard
  • Accelerator and stop manual control
  • Automatic deaeration on injection pump
  • Wire mesh oil filter
  • Conical power take-off
  • External safety fuel filter
  • Automatic fuel control during start
  • User maintenance and spare parts booklet

Additional information




Air Cooled




Non Compliant

Max Power kW

5 kW – 10 kW



  • Power take-off flywheel side (engines with electrical starting)
  • Power take-offs with flanging and special shaft
  • Lateral power take-off
  • Internal dynamic balancer
  • Electric start 12V / 24 V
  • Key switch panel
  • Fuel lift pump
  • Emergency stop through electrovalve
  • Accelerator and stop remote control
  • Oil pressure switch
  • Oil temperature switch
  • Oil bath air cleaner
  • Cylinder head temperature switch
  • Glow plug on intake manifold
  • Stop with solenoid valve
  • Recoil with denoising cover
  • Grass protection for engine cooling
  • Alternator with voltage regulator 12 V or 24 V
  • Oil level sensor switch
  • High capacity oil sump (KD15-350 and KD15-440)
  • High capacity oil and fuel filters for remote assembly*
  • Single lever control
  • Control lever guard