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Single Cylinder Diesel Engines

The Hatz E1 technology now allows for single cylinder engines to be electronically controlled. This brings a new concept of engine cotrol into the market place.

The E1 technology has been specially optimised for performance on the Hatz single cylinder diesel engines. This brings a new element to the already durable and functional mechanically controlled engines. The interaction between the mechanical and electronic elements now brings these smaller engines into modern day requirements.

The Hatz E1 technology allows for greater interaction with your engine. The ability to manage your engine more efficiently means that you can reduce service intervals by knowing exactly what hours your engine has done. The engine speed will be accurately maintained, regardless of the environment the engine is in. The engine can be protected with the help of an automatic shutdown if required.

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Engine Control Unit - the heart of the E1 technology. Constantly monitoring and controlling the engine
Sensors - The sensors use the new E1 technology to collect relevant data
Injector Nozzle - the amount of fuel is calculated by the control unit and ensures optimal power output
Fuel Filter - vital protection from dirty fuel to keep the engine running smooth
Fuel Valve - fuel quantity, duration and timing are precisely controlled
Core Engine - the heart of the single cylinder engine

Hatz E1 Technology Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Range

The Hatz E1 Technology has been seamlessly integrated with the 2 main engines ranges on offer. This new electronic capability has been made available to both the B-series and D-series industrial diesel engines. The addition of this technology to these engines means that they are now a small, emission compliant engine range with great potential and opportunities.

Hatz B-Series Single Cylinder Engine

The Hatz B-Series industrial diesel engine is small lightweight compact engine offering power output up to 8 kW. This tough little engine has been tested in the harshest of conditions. The B-Series engines excel in both mobile and stationary applications. With its compact size and light weight it can be applied to many small applications easily.

The engines have been certified to EPA Tier IV final and EU Stage V emission regulations making them a great choice of small industrial diesel engines.

Hatz D-Series Single Cylinder Engine

The Hatz D-Series engine is one of the most versatile single cylinder engines available on the market. With 3 different power delivery points from the same core engine, it can deliver power upto 11.2 kW. The range of accessories for the D-Series engines give the flexibility of configuration to suit any application. The Hatz E1 technology allows the engines to be configured for real high-tech products.

The Hatz D-Series engines offers more choices for machine configuration than any other engine on the market. The D-Series engines have also been certified to EPA Tier IV final and EU Stage V emission regulations.

Hatz 1B50 Single Cylinder Engine
Hatz 1B50 Single Cylinder Engine
Hatz 1D90E Single Cylinder Engine
Hatz 1D90E Single Cylinder Engine

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