Sleeman & Hawken are the sole UK agent for Sabb parts

Sabb's main market is the production of propulsion engines for life boats, fishing vessels, fish farming, canal boats, work boats and pleasure craft. They are the worlds largest supplier of lifeboat engines, offering lightweight units and safe whilst operating under extreme conditions. They also meet specific requirements of all major conventions and authorities.

Sleeman & Hawken offer the full range of Sabb engines, spares and technical information.

Product Code Name / Description In Stock Contact
SKU511135 DescriptionADAPTER In Stock
SKU932082 DescriptionBELT In Stock
SKU011238 DescriptionBRACKET, INLET DAMPER In Stock
SKU842008 DescriptionBREATHER HOSE In Stock
SKU014056-L3 DescriptionCABLE LOOM & HARNESS & RELAY BOX (L3) In Stock
SKU014056-L4 DescriptionCABLE LOOM & HARNESS & RELAY BOX (L4) In Stock
SKU968046 DescriptionCABLE SHOE In Stock
SKU968243 DescriptionCABLE SHOE In Stock
SKU000362 DescriptionCLUTCH CLAMP In Stock
SKU001136 DescriptionCONROD COMPLETE In Stock