Lister Petter

Manufacturer of the famous Lister Petter diesel engine. 

We offer the full range of Lister Petter engines (industrial and marine), generators, watrer pumps, welders and associated spare parts of which we have substantial stock - both new and genuine. Sleeman & Hawken have been distributors for over 40 years, with one of the largest on-site worldwide inventories. We specialise in supplying items made obselete by the manufacturer offering a mix of new non genuine, reconditioned and used parts. 

If you have the current part number you can check our stock list, or contact a member of team who will happy to help. 

Product Code Name / Description In Stock Contact
SKU027-09202 DescriptionA RANGE (DI) WORKSHOP MANUAL In Stock
SKU027-08228 DescriptionA RANGE (IDI) WORKSHOP MANUAL In Stock
SKU757-27890 DescriptionAIR CLEANER ELEMENT In Stock
SKU757-32260 DescriptionAIR CLEANER ELEMENT Post Feb 2014 In Stock
SKU328-61510/020 DescriptionBEARING 020 In Stock
SKU751-17830 DescriptionBELT In Stock
SKU570-31043 DescriptionCRANKSHAFT TR1 In Stock
SKU750-41642 DescriptionCYLINDER HEAD ASSY LPWT4 (10mm Studs) In Stock
SKU027-08042 DescriptionDELTA PARTS MANUAL In Stock
SKU752-17930 DescriptionDIPSTICK use 752-15120 In Stock